Shop online with ease this holiday season

Updated March 22, 2024  |   Published November 15, 2023

Consumers spent $211.7 billion shopping online during the 2022 holiday season. An increase of 3.5% from the previous year. The National Retail Federation reports that online is the number one place where consumers will be doing their holiday shopping this year.

If you’re using your Webster First debit card to make those purchases, you’ll be happy to know that not only is your card secure, you have the added benefit of earning cash back on purchases at certain stores. When you enroll in online banking and our mobile app with your Webster First checking account, you’ll have access to our Cash Back Rewards‡ program.


Add Cash Back Rewards before your holiday shopping

It’s quite common for credit cards to offer cash back rewards, but rare to find a checking account and debit card that does so. That’s what makes our rewards program so unique. Find cash back and discount coupons on everything from clothing stores, wireless carriers, hotels, and many more retailers. There are hundreds to choose from.

Cash Back Rewards on Webster First Federal Credit Union mobile banking

How to activate your Cash Back Rewards

In online banking, look for the “Purchase Rewards” tile on the homepage after you log in. Click the “Earn Cash Back Now” button and follow the prompts. In mobile banking, you’ll find Cash Back Rewards‡ when you tap the “More” menu (indicated by three dots). Click on “Cash Back Rewards” and follow the prompts. After you are enrolled, you can browse offers and shop right from our app or add card-linked offers you’d like to use. See our debit card page for answers to frequently asked questions.


Debit Card Security you can trust

Your Webster First Debit Mastercard® comes with complimentary fraud monitoring through our Card Alert Notification Program. If we detect a transaction that seems fraudulent, we’ll contact you immediately via text (if you have a landline on file, you will get a call). If you made the transaction yourself, simply reply “Yes” to allow it to go through. Reply “No” if you didn’t and we will stop any additional fraudulent transactions. If no phone number is on file, you will receive a letter – we recommend filing a phone number for quicker action.

Stay away from scams

When you shop, be wary of fake online stores that may promise great deals and not deliver…literally. Scammers will target holiday shoppers by setting up fake stores and drawing you in with a good deal, but as soon as they have your money, they shut down and disappear. If you happen to fall victim to such a thing, Mastercard’s Zero Liability† protection means you won’t be held responsible for unauthorized transactions. Your money will be refunded back to your account with no penalties if you have used reasonable care in protecting your card from loss or theft, and you promptly reported any loss or theft to Webster First.

To verify an online store’s legitimacy, you can:

  1. Check the URL to ensure it’s a secure site (starts with “https://”).
  2. Scan the site for grammar or spelling errors. If you notice any, steer clear.
  3. Check the store’s online reviews and social media presence. The absence of an online presence is a red flag.


Quick and easy online checkout with mobile wallet

Add your Mastercard® debit card to your mobile wallet for quick, easy, and secure checkout online. Paying online with a mobile wallet keeps your card information extra secure by creating a unique code at checkout that can only be used once. So if anyone else were to come into possession of that code, it would be useless to them. It saves time by filling in your card information for you so you don’t have to manually type it in. A holiday shopping win!