Mobile banking on the go anytime, anywhere

Managing your money on the go is easier than ever with Webster First Federal Credit Union’s mobile banking app.

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Our mobile banking app makes it easy

Download and get started

If you aren’t already enrolled in online banking, you can sign up right from our mobile app. Check out our handy guide to get started.

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Login security you can trust

When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to enroll a phone number or authenticator for Multifactor Authentication. This allows us to confirm your identity in two separate ways, adding an extra layer of security.

Know what’s in your account in seconds

Quick Balance allows you to view account balances and recent transactions by swiping down on the login screen.

  • No need to enter your login information
  • Quick Balance may be turned on and off through the “Settings” menu
  • Please note: when enabled, Quick Balance will be available to anyone using your device

Deposit checks with your phone

  • You’ll receive a same business day credit to your checking account (subject to a daily cut-off time) and funds will be deposited pursuant to our Funds Availability Policy
  • Be sure to endorse the back of your check and include “For Mobile Deposit Only at WFFCU” in the endorsement
  • To get started using Remote Deposit, tap “Check Deposit” in our app

Remote Deposit Terms & Conditions

Transfer funds

  • Move money between your Webster First accounts and accounts at other institutions.
  • Make one-time transfers
  • Set automatic recurring transfers

There is a 60 day waiting period to use Funds Transfer for new members. Members must be in good standing with Webster First to use Funds Transfer.

Pay bills on the go

  • Bill Pay is free for all personal checking account holders
  • Your Bill Pay account will be attached to your personal checking account, with one Bill Pay account allowed per each member number 

Track spending and set budgets

Our Money Management tool gives you total control over your finances

  • View all accounts and transactions, regardless of which institution they are held with
  • See where your money is spent across categories
  • Use automatic categories provided by Money Management, or set custom categories for ultimate personalization
  • Forecast debt payoffs and compare debt pay down strategies

Mobile debit card services

Pay with your phone

Keep your debit card in your wallet and make purchases using your Mobile Wallet compatible phone.

  • Purchases will show as debit transactions on your statements
  • Can be used in person or online
  • Eligible purchases earn cash back through our Debit Rewards program
  • Currently offering Apple Pay®, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Get even more security

Our Card Suite Lite app works hand in hand with our mobile banking app to offer you additional security

  • Turn your debit card off and on
  • Restrict transactions by location, merchant type, or amount
  • Get alerts when your card is used

No smartphone? No problem.

Text Message Banking has you covered

Check account balances or recent transactions from any cell phone enabled with text messaging. Enrollment can be found under the “Additional Services” menu in online banking.

Text these commands to 454545:


View primary balance


View all account balances


View checking account balances


View saving account balances


View last five transactions


Deactivate service


Request help on text codes