Extended Warranties

Extended warranties offer increased protection from mechanical repairs that may no longer be covered by the factory warranty. Extended warranties are offered through Route 66 Warranty. All types of cars qualify for an extended warranty, except commercial vehicles.

Extended warranty benefits

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No deductibles

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Nationwide coverage

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24/7/365 emergency roadside service

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30 day money-back guarantee

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Total Loss Refund: If your car is declared a total loss by the insurance company, the entire original premium of your service agreement will be refunded

Extended warranty FAQs

When and how can I purchase an extended warranty?

An extended warranty can be purchased by any Webster First member with a personal vehicle at any time, even if you do not currently have a Webster First auto loan. Please note: commercial vehicles are not eligible for extended warranties.

The cost of an extended warranty varies and is determined by the year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle, as well as the warranty plan you select. The cost can be paid as one lump sum or rolled into the total amount of your auto loan. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee for all extended warranties.

What is covered under a Webster First Route 66 Warranty?

Coverage for mechanical repairs depends upon which plan you select. Under all plans, there is no deductible for covered repairs. The length of time your vehicle is covered for also depends upon which plan you select. For more information about the plans offered, call us at (800) 962-4452 or visit a branch.

I have a Route 66 Extended Warranty and need repairs. What do I do?

If you currently have a Route 66 Extended Warranty and need repairs that are covered under your plan, bring your vehicle to a licensed repair shop. The repair shop will need to contact Route 66 to get approval for the work. After approval is given, the shop can complete the repairs on your vehicle. Payment to the shop is paid by Route 66.

Extended warranties are provided through Route 66 Warranty and are not insured by NCUA or MSIC.