Honoring our veterans at Webster First

Updated October 12, 2023  |   Published November 8, 2022

Webster First Federal Credit Union is proud to support veterans and service men and women currently serving. We’re honored to have veterans among our team members. Additionally, several team members have veterans in their families. With 2022’s Veterans Day holiday approaching, we’d like to recognize and commend those individuals.


Cindy Blais

Our Auburn Head Teller, Cindy Blais, served in the US Navy from October 1980 until she was Honorably Discharged in 1986. Cindy was stationed on the USS Emory S Land (AS39) out of Norfolk, VA. While in the service, she worked as Coxswain for the ship’s Captain and trained, directed, and supervised personnel in the ship’s maintenance duties. She obtained the rank of Boatswain’s Mate Second Class and received the Navy Commendation medal, the Meritorious Services medal, the Navy Good Conduct medal, and the Navy Battle E Ribbon three times.

Cindy is currently the Treasurer at the chapter level of the Disabled American Veterans. She had previously held every position in the organization, up to and including Commander. She is also a member of the American Legion Tatnuck Post 288, the DAV Massachusetts Color Guard, and serves as an Aide to the Commander. We thank Cindy for her service!


Ronald Boudreau

Ronnie Boudreau, one of our couriers, served in the army from 1965-1967. He worked as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief. Ronnie was stationed in New Jersey, Virginia, and Alabama up until 1967 when he was sent to Vietnam. He qualified for three Expert Marksmanship badges: the M-14, M-16, and M-60. We thank Ronnie for his service!


Christopher Holmes

Christopher Holmes is the son of our West Boylston Assistant Branch Manager, Tina Martin. He joined the Marines in 2008 and served a total of 5 years. From 2011-2012 he was deployed in Afghanistan. While deployed, he had to watch the birth of his daughter over skype, and didn’t get to hold her for the first time until she was 4 months old. We thank Christopher for his sacrifices to serve our country!


Steve MacGregor

Steve is the husband of our Spencer Head Teller, Kelly MacGregor. He began serving in the US army in 1983 as a Communication Specialist and was promoted to Officer right before the Gulf War. Steve was deployed in the Gulf War for 8 months and also spent some time in Germany.

After retiring in 1992 he has worked on several projects with the Auburn Elks including serving as the chairman for the Cell Phone for Soldier Campaign, which takes old cell phones and exchanges them for calling cards to send to active duty military. Steve also helps organize Bravery Boxes for soldiers who come home from deployment and are in need of things like food, cleaning supplies, bedding, etc. Steve and Kelly have three children and are very proud to serve their country and protect their children’s futures.


Kenneth McElroy

Kenneth McElroy, son of our Training Specialist, Donna McElroy, was a member of the US Air Force. He joined a couple of years before 9/11/2001 and then fought in the Iraq War. Donna’s family has a long history of men serving the country. Donna’s father, Earl, is a Navy veteran who served during peace time on the USS Boston. Her Uncle was in the Navy as well, holding the position of Chief and traveling to many different places. All of them achieved great things and were awarded with medals for their bravery. We thank Donna’s family for serving!


Thomas Nichols

Thomas Nichols, MSR/Loan Originator at our Whitinsville branch, served in the US Air Force from 1966 to 1970. He enlisted less than one year after graduating high school. He spent two years stationed in Texas until he was assigned to Thailand in March of 1968, just after the Tet Offensive. Thomas spent one year there and then returned to the US in March of 1969. He spent the rest of that year working in finance while also flying to each Air Force base in Thailand monthly to deliver payroll, and flying in and out of Vietnam multiple times to bring back non-US cash vouchers that servicemen had to use in place of US Dollars.

Thomas was stationed in California until February 1970 when he was Honorably Discharged: a total of 4 years active Duty followed by 2 years of inactive reserve duty. He then obtained a BS in Economics from Bryant University in 1976. We thank Thomas for his service!


Jason Randor

Jason Randor, son of our Head of Human Resources, Diane Randor, served in the US Army. He did several tours in both Iran and Afghanistan after 9/11. Jason was a member of the 747 Military Police and his home base at the time was in Southbridge, MA. He is now a veteran and works for the government in Boston.

Diane has a history of family members who have served in the US Military. Her father as well as her father-in-law both served in World War I, and many uncles and grandfathers on both sides of her family also served in the military at different times. Diane says the song “Proud to be an American” goes a long way in her family and is probably an understatement!


Happy Veterans Day!