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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, call us at (800) 962-4452 or click here to email us so that we may better assist you.

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Webster First’s routing number is 211386597.

Your member number is the number all your related accounts are bundled under. Many Webster First members have a checking, savings, and investment account all associated with the same member number. Under your member number, each individual account will have its own account or MICR number. In most cases, each account number contains your member number.


Your member number is listed on the top of your printed or eStatements. You will use this number to enroll in online/mobile banking, and to use our Payment Portal to make payments to Webster First loans from accounts outside of Webster First. (Please note, your statement may list “Account Number” in the top left, as shown below. Rest assured, this number is your member number.)

finding your member number on your statements


Your account number can be obtained from your checks, online banking, or mobile banking. You will use this number when setting up direct deposit from your employer, Social Security, or other sources. Each individual account will have a different account number. To find an account number in online banking, click on the desired account, and then click “Account Details:”

finding your member number in online banking


To find an account number in our app, tap on the desired account, then tap “Details:”

finding your member number in our app


To find an account number using your checks, follow the diagram below:

finding your member number on a check
In order to be eligible for membership, you must live, work, worship, or attend school in Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, or Worcester County of Massachusetts. You can also qualify for membership if an immediate family member is a member of Webster First.
Banks are for-profit financial corporations that conduct business to maximize the price of their stock and profit for their stockholders. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that conduct business for the mutual benefit and general welfare of their member owners.
If you use online banking or app, you can simply update them there. You’ll need to update your address within Bill Pay as well. Not an online banking or app user? Call us at (800) 962-4452 to stop by your local branch.
If branches are closed due to inclement weather, a notice will be placed on We will also announce closings on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
As part of your loan obligation, you are required to maintain physical damage insurance for the full term of your loan. Please visit to enter and verify your insurance information so that we may update your records.

You can get a free report from each of the three nationwide consumer reporting companies every 12 months as a result of an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Visit or call 877.322.8228 to obtain a copy. Please note that is the ONLY authorized online source for you to receive a free credit report under federal law. will NEVER send you an email solicitation for your free annual credit report or use pop-up ads. If you paid for what you thought was your free annual credit report, go to and click "File a Complaint" on the menu.




Accounts, Cards, Checks, and Direct Deposit

Beginning in late June 2015, we will be issuing EMV Chip Cards to any new members, new checking accounts opened, or to replace any lost or stolen card. If you currently have a Webster First debit card, you will receive a new EMV Chip Card once your card expires.

EMV Chip Cards use microchip technology to provide added security when using your card at a chip-enabled ATM or terminal. For more information regarding EMV Chip Cards, please visit our Debit Cards page.

If your ATM/Debit Card has been lost or stolen during business hours, please call us at 800.962.4452 for immediate assistance. If your card has been lost or stolen after hours, please call 800.528.2273 for assistance.

Re-ordering checks is simple and easy at Webster First Federal Credit Union. You can re-order checks at a branch, using the mail order form provided in your current box of checks, or online. When you re-order your checks online, you can browse hundreds of check designs and accessories to find the ones that best reflect your style. You can also view the status of your order, allowing you to see when orders have shipped and their expected delivery dates.

When you are ready to re-order your checks online, please make sure to have your check re-order slip ready. To place an order, log in to Harland Clarke's check reordering website by clicking here. You may log in using your Order Identification Number and Check Number found on your check re-order form. For more information or assistance with placing an order, visit a branch or call us at 800.962.4452.

Your checks feature Webster First’s routing number, your account number, and the check number. Please refer to the diagram below for reference. Please note that the diagram is for reference only, and the length of your actual account number may differ from what's shown.
You can place a stop payment on a check by completing the form in Online Banking or our Mobile App, contacting our Call Center, visiting a branch, or via Phone Banking using Audio Response. Please note that there is a fee assessed for each stop payment order. Please refer to our fee schedule for more information.



Banking on the Go

Webster First is pleased to offer a variety of products and services designed to help you manage your money at your convenience. Members may check their balance at home using Online Banking or from any touchtone phone using our Phone Banking service, Audio Response. Members with cell phones enabled for text messaging can check their balances using Text Message Banking. Members with smartphones may check their balances using Mobile Banking or our official App.

Webster First is pleased to offer our members Remote Deposit, available for our mobile app and online banking.

If you have a mobile phone with text messaging enabled, you can use our Text Message Banking service. Click here to learn more.

If you don’t have text messaging enabled, you can use our Phone Banking service, Audio Response, which works with any touchtone phone. Click here to learn more.




Consumer Loans

When applying for a loan, you will need to provide proof of identity, such as a driver's license. When finalizing your loan, your loan officer will provide you with a list of any other documents you may need to provide in order to have the loan disbursed.
Yes, you do need to be a member in order to obtain a loan from Webster First, however, you don't need to be a member in order to apply. We can sign you up for membership when you finalize your loan. 

If you suspect your credit may not be very good, you can try to improve your score by paying down debts such as credit card balances, avoiding making unnecessary credit report inquiries which may drive down your score, or by completing a Webster First Credit Builder Loan^.

If you don't qualify for a loan yourself, you can try re-applying with a co-signer. A co-signer is not a guarantee of approval, but it may help you get approved. For more information about qualifying for a loan, click here.

^Proceeds will be put into a certificate for the same term as the loan. The full original amount of the loan will be held until the loan is paid off. No withdrawals can be made from the certificates (even with penalty) unless the loan is paid in full.

All claimed income will be considered when you apply for a loan. This income may include social security, pensions, public assistance, etc.
We have two sets of rates: one for new cars and used cars four years old and newer, and one for used cars five years old and older. Your exact rate will be determined by your credit score and collateral. To view our current rates, click here.
Whether or not we finance a vehicle depends upon the value of the vehicle. Since this will be different for each vehicle, we recommend you call us at 800.962.4452 or visit a branch for a more personalized answer.
You do not need to have a particular vehicle picked out in order to apply for pre-approval.
Depending upon the type of loan you select, your exact rate may be determined by your credit score and collateral. To view our current rates, click here. For more information, visit a branch or call us at 800.962.4452.
Your rate will be fixed for the life of your loan. It will never increase.
Since your exact rate will be determined by your credit score and collateral, we cannot determine the rate without pulling your credit report. Your credit report cannot be pulled unless you apply for a loan with us and provide us with permission to look at this information.
Your monthly payment amount will depend upon the amount of your loan, the exact interest rate you qualify for, and the term length of the loan. You can use our Auto Loan Payment Calculator to estimate a payment today.
Yes, you can make loan payments online.
There are no pre-payment penalties for any Webster First consumer loans. You can pay extra or pay off your loan early with no penalties.
Generally, your first payment will be due 30 days after your loan is disbursed. Your payments will always be due on the same day of each month. If you would like to have your payments due on a particular day of the month, please inform your loan originator so he/she can attempt to schedule that for you. We cannot guarantee that your payment due date will be exactly what you request, but we will work with you to try and make that happen.
You will receive your coupon book within 14 business days.
Yes, contact our Loan Servicing Department at 508.671.4098 to request a new coupon book.
Yes, someone else can make a payment on your behalf. They can pay with cash, a check, or as a transfer out of their Webster First account.
Yes! If you have accounts at Webster First, you may enroll in online banking and make payments from your Webster First account online. If you don’t have accounts at Webster First, you can pay using our payment portal.
Yes! Our payment portal allows you to make one-time, scheduled, or recurring payments using an outside account.