Credit Builder Loans


Boost Your Credit While Building Savings


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Current Rates

Up to 7.00% APR*


Loan Amounts

From $500 - $5,000



Need to Build or Repair Your Credit? We've Got You Covered


Our Credit Builder loans offer you an opportunity to establish or improve your credit while building savings.


  • Build new credit history or help repair damaged history

  • A variety of terms available to fit your needs

  • Loan funds are held in a certificate while payments are made, growing savings for future use‡






How It Works


Our Credit Builder Loan isn't traditional, in the sense that you won't get the funds right away. Instead, you'll build your credit by making regular payments, while the loan funds are safe in a certificate.




After approval, a certificate is opened on your behalf for the amount of the loan



Each month, your loan payment goes towards "purchasing" your certificate



Once paid off, the proceeds of the certificate, along with the interest it earned during the life of the loan, is yours!






Our Credit Builder Loan can help improve your credit score

How the Credit Builder Loan Can Improve Your Score


  • Credit scoring systems look at hundreds of factors like how long your accounts are open, on time payments, and whether there are serious delinquencies like late payments

  • Your on time loan payments work to create positive history

  • If you are just starting out, this will show creditors you are responsible and can be trusted to pay debts back

  • If you’ve got some past missteps to correct, this can help show lenders that you’ve made improvements and are more trustworthy than before





Know why your credit score is important

Why Your Credit Score is Important


  • Your credit score impacts everything from whether you are qualified for a loan to what interest rates you pay

  • A higher score means you are more likely to be approved and pay lower interest rates, saving you money

  • A lower score can result in higher loan rates, or even in denials for credit

  • You may go to and request a copy of your credit report once a year for free

  • Monitoring your credit regularly helps you catch and resolve any errors and ensure you’re on the right track






Ready to Build Your Credit?


You can apply for a Credit Builder loan online or at your local branch.







*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rate subject to change without notice.

‡Proceeds will be put into a certificate for the same term as the loan. The full original amount of the loan will be held until the loan is paid off. No withdrawals can be made from the certificates (even with penalty) unless the loan is paid in full.