Save with Certificates, a Smart Investment for Your Future

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At Webster First Federal Credit Union, we believe in putting our members' money to work for them. That's why we are pleased to offer certificates with competitive rates, which help you earn higher interest in a secure way.

Like a savings account, your certificate is insured by NCUA. However, because your money is held for a set amount of time, you'll enjoy higher rates of return. Interest is compounded daily and posted monthly. Interest may be transferred to another share account or mailed to you without penalty.

Certificates are offered with terms of 3, 6, 12, 36, and 48 months; the longer the term the higher the rate.


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Please note that a penalty applies for early withdrawal. Penalties are as follows:

  • Certificates with terms of 1 year or less: 1 month's interest
  • Certificates with terms of more than 1 year: 3 months' interest


Our Routing Number: 211386597