At Webster First Federal Credit Union, we believe in setting strong financial foundations for our members. That means checking accounts designed to work for you with the features and supporting services you need. Plus, as a credit union, our goal is to offer lower fees and higher interest rates on deposits.





Which checking account is right for me?


Lots of banks will offer you a variety of account choices, leaving you guessing which one offers the most benefits with the lowest fees. We've decided to simplify that and make things easier by offering you all our benefits, with no hoops to jump through. Simply choose which applies to you:


Icon showing a woman over age 22
I'm over Age 22

Our First Advantage Checking account offers you all the benefits you want, without the fees you don't.

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I'm between the ages of 16 - 22

Our Jump Start Checking account offers extra add ons for members learning the financial ropes.

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