Money Management

Stay on top of your finances with the industry leader in personal financial management (PFM), Money Management. Money Management is a powerful tool that allows you to stay on top of your finances with alerts, budgets, goals, and more.


Money Management is available to all Online Banking users for free - making setting and sticking to a budget easier than ever!

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Money Management allows you to view all transactions across accounts


View all your accounts and transactions in one place


Money Management allows for a holistic view of your financial picture. Your Webster First accounts will automatically be loaded into the interface, and a simple authentication allows you to connect outside accounts. You can keep track of balances, interest rates, credit limits, and more. 

An aggregate view of transactions across all accounts allows you to quickly find specific entries. Filter by account or date, or search by keyword or amount. Tax deductible transactions can be marked throughout the year and then filtered for easy access come tax time.






Track spending and set budgets in Money Management


Keep track of spending and set budgets


Money Management provides a visualization of spending categories over a defined date range that allows you to quickly see where your money is going. Change the date range, view a visualization of income sources, and drill down to subcategories and transactions.

Plus, Money Management features Bubbles - a way to quickly assess how close you are sticking to your budget. Stick with automatic categories provided by Money Management, or set custom categories for ultimate personalization. Either way - knowing where money is coming from and where it's going is a snap.






View trends in Money Management


View your progress over time with Trends


Trends provide a view of spending over time divided into categories. See how your spending fluctuates throughout the year and help set more realistic budgets and goals for the future. Subcategory views provide deeper insight, with details available down to the transaction. Plus, use the Debts tool to project debt payoff dates, prioritize the payoff of certain debts, and forecast when you'll be debt free.



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