Financial Information

When you are doing your research on the best credit unions in Massachusetts, think First. Webster First Federal Credit Union is a $900 million financial institution. Webster First ranks among the largest credit unions operating in Massachusetts today, thanks to our great credit union members!   


Our credit union has been growing strong through some of the worst of financial times, while other financial institutions and businesses have collapsed. Our doors have never closed, and our array of banking products and services has only become more extensive. We are proud to say that Webster First Federal Credit Union is one of the strongest and most financially stable credit unions around. 


Statement of Conditions
Assets 12/31/2017 12/31/2016
Cash & Investments $112,857,916 $137,978,033
Loans, net $713,811,949 $655,725,923
Property & Equipment $22,436,181 $21,487,498
Other Assets $51,708,010 $40,655,876
TOTAL $900,814,054 $855,847,328
Liabilities & Equity
Member Deposits $683,908,834 $692,274,239
Borrowings $40,000,000 $0
Other Liabilities $7,858,292 $6,205,412
Surplus & Reserves $169,046,929 $157,367,678
TOTAL $900,814,054 $855,847,328


Paul L. Richard, Supervisory Committee Chairman
Kimberly A. Tonkin, VP of Finance/CFO