MasterCard® Debit Card

A Webster First Federal Credit Union MasterCard® debit card offers you convenience and security that fits in your pocket, with the added protection of an EMV Chip. You can use your Webster First debit card to make purchases and pay bills at any of the millions of retailers that accept MasterCard®.

  • Free with any Webster First checking account
  • Withdraw funds for free at any Webster First ATM
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your account and will show on your monthly statements and within online banking
  • Offers more security than carrying cash
  • Offers more convenience than writing checks
  • EMV Chip provides an added layer of protection when using your debit card at EMV Chip-enabled terminals
  • All debit card holders are automatically enrolled in our free Card Alert Notification Program for peace of mind


To receive your free debit card, visit your nearest branch, call us at 800.962.4452, or email us.

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Please note: If your ATM/Debit Card has been lost or stolen during business hours, please call us at 800.962.4452 for immediate assistance. If your card has been lost or stolen after hours, please call 800.528.2273 for assistance.


Introducing Debit Rewards. Earn cash back rewards on qualified purchases made with your Webster First Debit Card.



EMV Chip Card FAQs

Webster First is pleased to introduce EMV Chip Cards, which offer enhanced security and protection against fraud. A chip card has both a traditional magnetic strip and an embedded microchip. The embedded microchip provides an added layer of security when used at chip-enabled ATMs and terminals.

EMV is an acronym (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa). The EMV Chip Card has a microchip embedded in the card. The “chip” in the card stores more complex and harder to read information which is used to authenticate, authorize, and process transactions. The chip supplies a critical number that changes with every transaction and provides stronger security and protection against fraud.
EMV cards store payment information in a secure chip rather than on a magnetic strip and the personalization of EMV cards is done using specific issuer codes. It is extremely difficult to create a counterfeit EMV card.
EMV card benefits include increased security and reduced fraud from counterfeit, lost or stolen cards. EMV compliant terminals will eventually become standard worldwide to increase security. Plus, chip cards afford greater acceptance when traveling, as they are common in over 130 countries around the world, including Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.
No, magnetic stripes will continue to be used on cards so they can be used at terminals in countries that have not yet converted to chip technology, including the United States.
If the merchant is EMV ready, you will insert the card into the EMV reader and leave it there while the authorization occurs. If you swipe the EMV card the way you are used to, the reader will prompt you to insert the card. While your card is in the chip-enabled terminal, the embedded chip creates a unique transaction code. This prevents stolen data from being fraudulently used. If you remove your card too soon, the transaction will be cancelled. When the transaction is complete, always remember to remove your card.

If the merchant is not EMV ready, you will swipe the card in the familiar way.

Depending upon the merchant, you may be prompted to enter your PIN or sign for your purchase.
No, EMV cards only reduce fraud for card present transactions where the chip on the card is physically connected to the credit networks.


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