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Online Banking

Put your finances at your fingertips with Online Banking. Online Banking offers you free and secure access to your Webster First Federal Credit Union accounts twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With Online Banking, you can check account balances, view account history, schedule transfers between accounts, view check images, make loan payments, and more.

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Online Banking includes access to many of our most popular services, including Bill Pay and Finance Works. For more information about our Online Banking services, browse the helpful links below.



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You must be 18 years of age or older in order to apply for access to Online Banking.

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One-Time Passcodes for Online Banking Verification

Webster First Federal Credit Union values the safety and security of our members' accounts. That's why we protect your accounts using One-Time Passcode verification. One-Time Passcode verification allows us to verify your identity when you access Online Banking from an unrecognized device, such as friend or family member's computer, by sending a One-Time Passcode to your previously registered phone or email address.


How to Setup and Use One-Time Passcodes

  • When you log in to Online Banking for the first time, you will be asked to provide a phone number and choose either voice call or text message as a delivery method. We recommend you use your mobile number, but landlines are also accepted. You can enroll up to two phone numbers.
  • After you enter your phone number and select a delivery method, you will be prompted to receive and enter a One-Time Passcode. You will receive the code within 5 minutes, and you will have 10 minutes from the time the code is sent to enter it. After you successfully enter the code, you will be verified.
  • Although we recommend the use of a phone number, you can also choose to enroll an email address for One-Time Passcode delivery. You will need to confirm the email address by retrieving and entering the code that is emailed to you.
  • After you have successfully verified with a One-Time Passcode, you can choose to have your computer remembered so that you can skip verification when accessing your Online Banking account from the same computer in the future.
  • If you attempt to access your Online Banking account from an unrecognized device, you will be prompted to verify your identity with a One-Time Passcode. You do not need to remember the One-Time Passcode, as a new One-Time Passcode will be generated each time you access Online Banking from an unrecognized device.


Please Note: We do NOT recommend you choose to have a shared or public computer remembered. This will make it easier for unauthorized users to access your online banking account. If you choose to have your device remembered, any clearing of cookies may result in you being presented with the One-Time Passcode challenge again.


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